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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

2017 TruMedia Networks Hackathon


TruMedia Networks is sponsoring their 2nd Baseball Analytics Hackathon to bring together some of sport's brightest developers and analysts to see what projects and analysis they can create. In partnership with 10 of the game's top executives, TruMedia challenges each contestant to use the raw MLB data (to be provided to each contestant) to:

  • As a developer, focus on allowing users to interact with and explore the data
  • As an analyst, focus on deriving new information that can be presented

For developers, we'd like to see an interactive web application that executes client side in the browser. For analysts, we'd like to see a PDF of your visualizations and findings. See the 2015 Hackathon Winners for example projects from our 1st Hackathon, or see below where we have illustrated some example projects, but there are no restrictions for how you want to interpret and present the data; your creativity is strongly encouraged.

New to this year's data set, TruMedia has included their probability of a called strike model results, currently being used by MLB clubs and media properties. Feel free to utilize this new piece of information for your project considertation!

Upon completion of your project and the Hackathon deadline, our judges will review each submission, provide feedback, and vote on creativity, functionality, and informativeness of each submission. Through this experience, contestants will be demonstrating their skill set for an array of analytics and research companies and sport franchises, not limited to MLB clubs. This Hackathon will be a tool for them to evaluate the field of contestants for potential hires and job openings they have within their organization.

Past participants have gone on to work with or receive offers from clubs including: Miami Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs

TruMedia Networks' Baseball Hackathon will be open for two weeks from February 6, 2017 through February 20, 2017.

Please see the Rules & Guidelines for more details


  • Los Angeles Dodgers Research & Development Team
  • San Francisco Giants Baseball Operations Team
  • Sky Andrecheck, Cleveland Indians (Senior Director, Baseball Research & Development)
  • TJ Barra, New York Mets (Manager, Baseball Research & Development)
  • Mike Fitzgerald, Arizona Diamondbacks (Director, Research & Development)
  • Jack Goin, Minnesota Twins (Director, Baseball Research)
  • Sam Menzin,  Detroit Tigers (Director, Baseball Operations)
  • Chris Moore (Director, Research & Development) & Ryan Kruse (Baseball Systems Architect), Chicago Cubs
  • Jason Pare, Miami Marlins (Senior Director, Analytics)
  • Trevor Patch, Colorado Rockies (Manager, Baseball Research & Development)
  • Joe Sheehan, Toronto Blue Jays (Assistant GM)
  • Todd Slavinsky, Texas Rangers (Director, Baseball Analytics)
  • Dan Turkenkopf, Milwaukee Brewers (Director, Research & Development)


  1. Email with the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Resume
    3. Whether you would like to participate as an analyst and/or engineer.
  2. A TruMedia representative will follow up on Monday, February 6th and provide you with the data and hosting instructions
  3. Deadline for submissions are 5pm ET on Monday, February 20th
  4. Projects must be "new" - fresh code and analysis
  5. By participating in this Hackathon you agree that all IP, source code and methodologies will be public domain


Types of Pitchers

  •   Analysts
    • Based on the pitcher's velocity, pitch types, locations for each type, usage to RHB and LHB, usage in various counts, swing rate, miss rate, etc can we classify, cluster, or describe the pitcher? Does this help us predict the outcome of a match up with a batter. Does knowing which pitchers are similar to a specific pitcher help us predict match up outcomes better than the simple history between the batter and that pitcher and between the pitcher and all left or right handed batters?
  •  Engineers
    • An interactive UI digging into the representation of the pitcher's pitch types so a user can explore the repertoire, usage, and effectiveness of a pitcher's various pitch types.

The Value of a Pitch

  • Analysts
    • Given the count, batter/pitcher hand, the location, velocity, type, and movement of a pitch, can we say how good a pitch that was and begin to divide credit between the pitcher and batter based on the result of the pitch.
  •  Engineers
    • An interactive UI showing the quality of a pitcher's pitches throughout a game, how that changed over time. Did he lose velocity, movement, or location. Did he change pitch selection, have less swing and misses, etc?

Component Batting Skills

  • Analysts:
    • Break a batters skills down into components. How much of his value is from patience/eye, defending the plate, hitting for average, and power?
  • Engineers:
    • An interactive UI to explore and compare batter skills such as patience/eye, defending the plate, hitting for average, and power

Please contact

*Participants will be able to submit biographical information and resumes to the TruMedia representatives, and that information will be passed along to the judges and other clubs/organizations for employment considerations.


  • Can I participate as both an engineer and as an analyst? Yes
  • Can we work in teams? Yes
  • When will I receive the data/hosting instructions from TruMedia? A TruMedia representative will follow up with the data and instructions on Monday, February 6, 2017.
  • When is the submission due? Monday, February 20, 2017 by 5pm ET