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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

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TruMedia is MLB industry standard

Rafe Anderson

TruMedia was mentioned as the MLB industry standard in recent articles about Orioles, Pirates and Dodgers pitching staffs.

The Athletic: “All I have to do is go to TruMedia (Networks) or one of the other outlets that we have and say, ‘You see this? You’ve punched out 13 guys, you’ve had three put it in play, and they are all outs. You can absolutely abuse this pitch to both righties and lefties.’”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “From my experience, they’re not an organization that’s just free rein, do what you want, here’s your TruMedia account, go look at whatever you want, because I think a lot of players would get in their own heads about it,” (Class AA pitcher) Beau Sulser said. “They kind of go on a person-by-person basis.”

The Athletic: “Ferguson has caught up to the lexicon of the modern game in a decidedly modern manner. He watches his starts through the TruMedia app on an iPad.”