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Is Scott Kingery snapping out of it?

Rafe Anderson

Phillies prospect Scott Kingery may be snapping out of his slump, as SB Nation blog The Good Phight explains, using TruMedia tools and imagery…

“First, let’s set the baseline. For the first three weeks in May, Kingery continued to struggle to put a good bat on the ball. Just look at the spray chart.

There is exactly ONE ball that made it into left field for three weeks, and that came on May 19 against St. Louis, near the tail end of that stretch. Every single other ball on the left side of the infield was a grounder, save for one pop-up just to the left of second base. There was just no good contact whatsoever.

In the last six games, however, Kingery has already had five line drives off the bat, one more than he had in the previous three weeks.

Not swinging and missing at pitches over the plate has helped. He’s probably still leaking and reaching over the plate a bit too much, but at least the empty flails haven’t been as prevalent.”

Full article: SB Nation