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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

TruMedia wins Best Elite Performance Technology

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TruMedia wins Best Elite Performance Technology

Rafe Anderson

TruMedia Networks and OptaPro, through the analytical platform ProVision, won Best Elite Performance Technology at the 2018 Yahoo! Sports Technology Awards on May 3 in London.

"Developed by OptaPro in partnership with TruMedia Networks, ProVision is the cutting-edge tool that helps teams make more informed decisions across global recruitment and performance analysis.

Since launching in 2017, professional clubs and federations from around the world have been using ProVision to support their analysis process.

Albert Larcada, TruMedia's Director of Analytics, added: 'Lots of hard work and ingenuity from dozens of people at both TruMedia and OptaPro went into making this product, which makes winning this award very gratifying. The collaboration between our two companies resulting in this product that directly improves team decision-making and processes has been amazing to see firsthand.'"

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