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Tyler Lockett's outrageously efficient 2018

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Tyler Lockett's outrageously efficient 2018

Rafe Anderson

In his article about Tyler Lockett’s stellar 2018 season, ESPN’s Seth Walder uses a TruMedia-generated arrow chart to illustrate where and how efficiently Tyler Lockett caught downfield passes last season.

“What's noticeable right away, besides how many catches (red) there are for deep passes, is that Lockett has two clear clusters of routes: down the right sideline and across the field from right to left.

But the inverse, crossing routes from left to right, are missing. That was surprising because with a right-handed scrambling quarterback like Russell Wilson, I expected plenty of improvised routes from the left to the right. Part of the reason those routes are missing is because Lockett lines up on Wilson's right 62% of the time. But the other factor is that Wilson is willing to make unconventional throws, running to the right and throwing to the left anyway…”

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