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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.


Sports Data Warehousing

Traditional data warehousing solutions have failed to serve the needs of leagues, teams and media properties who are reliant on real time player and ball tracking systems. To meet the high demands of today's most prominent leagues, media properties and teams TruMedia is now powering a custom developed sports data warehousing solution. 

TruMedia's proprietary sports data warehouse is the next generation in data management and business intelligence for sports. There are many “big data solutions”, but generic third party warehousing solutions are not well suited for sports. They may handle large data sets, but they don’t effectively index and filter on all fields and as a result performance on complex queries is insufficient. 

TruMedia's sports data warehouse can handle large volumes of data, ingest new fields without any system updates and efficiently query against all fields. The warehouse is accessible via a Sports SQL language designed for ease of use by developers. In addition the warehouse has full access controls allowing it to store a variety of complimentary third party data sources providing prioritized access based on each client's licensing rights with the third party data providers.