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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.



TruMedia's Soccer analytics platform provides comprehensive analysis covering many leagues including, but not limited to, the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Series A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 and Major League Soccer.This robust platform includes real time data analysis along with proprietary data visualization tools for use in HD broadcasts as well as online editorial.

TruMedia Soccer Analytics in the News

ESPN's use of TruMedia's analytics platform was recently covered in a series of Forbes articles. Here is an excerpt for one of the feature articles:

Diving into the TruMedia tool, Paul makes a few mouse clicks to isolate the Spanish team’s matches from the World Cup, and then a few more clicks to specify that he wants to view the shots they faced when Casillas was in goal. At that point TruMedia presents both the goal-side view of the shots, each shot placed on an x-y plane indicating their height and width, and the tabular data in a window below the goal-side view. Misses on the goal-side view are marked outside of the mouth of the goal with a circle and red “X”. Blocked shots are simply red circles within the mouth of goal, and Telstar-style soccer balls mark the two goals Casillas let in. Paul makes a few more clicks, and the goal end graphic is now superimposed on the ESPN Euro 2012 background while Casillas’ stock photo and the Spanish flag are inserted into pre-defined fields in the graphic. Paul types in the summary statistics of matches played, shots-on-goal, and goals against for Casillas. The image is ready for broadcast, and with Hurwitz’s approval it is stored in a shared drive for use later that night. It may not be the first time such a view is used at ESPN, but it is the first time such a view has been created within TruMedia for English-speaking television use. What used to take 15 minutes of manual labor is now automatically generated straight from Opta data in a minute or less.
— (Zach Slaton)
This shot chart was built with TruMedia's soccer analytics platform. 

This shot chart was built with TruMedia's soccer analytics platform.