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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.


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MLB Analytics

TruMedia's MLB analytics platform provides clubs and sports media properties with the ability to quickly analyze multiple data sources within one intuitive user interface. Granular statistics generated by a vast array of filters as well as pitch by pitch video allows our licensees to maximize the value of their video and data.

MiLB Analytics

TruMedia powers baseball's most comprehensive minor league baseball analytics platform. This unique platform capitalizes on the granular data captured by Sportvision's innovative Pitch f/x, Hit f/x and Command f/x motion tracking systems. This robust platform includes fully integrated video.

Advanced Analytics

TruMedia integrates MLB's Statcast data for clubs and provides them with a turnkey product that allows them to analyze the data using key metrics and custom visualizations, many of which were developed by TruMedia's Analytics team. Additionally, TruMedia's Advanced product includes their internal catcher framing model. All these features are connected to play-by-play video.

Video Playlist Management & Mobile App

TruMedia's video playlist management system allows the operations staff to quickly create static and dynamic video playlists for player and coach consumption from TruMedia's web and mobile applications.

What our partners are saying...

We are excited once again to partner with TruMedia. Their product combines innovative data visualization tools with a fast and flexible data mining platform, and it has quickly become a key tool in our Baseball Operations Department.
— Mike Chernoff, Cleveland Indians, General Manager
We continue to be impressed with the innovative solutions that TruMedia has brought to the MLB analytics industry. The granular analysis made possible by TruMedia’s platform plays a key role in the overall efforts of the baseball operations department.
— Michael Girsch, St. Louis Cardinals, General Manager
We’re very pleased to be able to partner with TruMedia. The open nature of their analytics platform allows us to take advantage of their toolset alongside our proprietary systems thereby adding significant value.
— Dan Fox, Pittsburgh Pirates, Senior Director - Baseball Informatics
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TruMedia’s analytics offerings have quickly become the gold standard in the industry. From video analytics to advanced scouting, TruMedia’s analytics platform is an exceptional resource for our coaching staff, players and our baseball operations staff.
— Adam Fisher, Atlanta Braves, Former Assistant General Manager