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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.


Rafe Anderson, President & CEO

Rafe Anderson oversees TruMedia's day to day operations and he is responsible for the company's long term strategic direction. Rafe was hired to run TruMedia Networks in the summer of 2008 after nearly six years with the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group. 

Shortly after joining the Boston Red Sox in 2003 Rafe custom developed a centralized ticket management platform that the organization still utilizes today. During his time with the Red Sox Rafe led the implementation of several digital marketing initiatives including the Red Sox first secondary ticket marketplace as well as the official Red Sox fan club ("Red Sox Nation"). 

In March of 2004 New England Sports Ventures (the Boston Red Sox parent company) launched Fenway Sports Group (FSG). Shortly after the launch of FSG Rafe was hired as FSG's Director of Business Development. In February 2007 FSG acquired a stake in NASCAR’s largest racing team, Roush Racing. Following this acquisition Rafe was responsible for the development of FSG's NASCAR sales and marketing strategy while also collaborating with the Roush Fenway Racing executive team to develop a long term digital media plan.

After nearly six years with the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group Rafe Anderson was hired as CEO of TruMedia Networks, Inc.

Jeff Stern, CTO

Jeff Stern oversees all engineering and development for TruMedia's sports analytics solutions. Prior to joining TruMedia Jeff achieved success as an engineer with BBN technologies. In 2005, Jeff began experimenting with combining BBN's speech recognition technology with search to provide rich search for audio and video content.  This work became the primary focus of BBN's Delta Division in 2005.  

In 2006, Jeff’s efforts resulted in the creation of Podzinger Inc (later renamed RAMP Holdings Inc).  As the first engineer for RAMP, Jeff pioneered many aspects of searching multimedia content.  From this work, Jeff has been granted one US patent and has seven more pending.  As Senior Architect at RAMP, Jeff helped scale and expand the business. RAMP now partners with many of the worlds largest news, sports, and finance companies serving four million hits a day. 

Today Jeff is focused on developing sports analytics products that exploit several emerging sports verticals.

Dean Oliver, Vice President of Data Science

Dean Oliver is known broadly as a pioneer in sports analytics. His book,Basketball on Paper, serves as the principle handbook for doing basketball analytics and he has worked in the front office for the Denver Nuggets and Sacramento Kings. His work has been lauded by sabermetrics pioneer Bill James, Hall of Fame basketball coach Dean Smith, and has been featured in media outlets for more than a decade. Oliver headed up the construction of the sports analytics group at ESPN, developing numerous products across college and NFL football, as well as in basketball. While there, he worked with on-air talent, producers, technology partners, and executives at the company.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering at Caltech while playing on the basketball team.  He did his Ph.D. in environmental engineering at North Carolina and Stanford while serving as an advanced scout in college basketball. 

Santanu Basu, Chief Software Architect

Santanu Basu is responsible for leading product design and overseeing technical standards for TruMedia's suite of sports analytics products. Santanu has worked with numerous organizations in the technology sector over the last fifteen years, focusing on the design and development of software products and services for startups, small companies, and government research labs.  Among these have been the U.S. Department of Transportation, Akamai Technologies, Jumptap Inc., Bluefin Labs (Twitter), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  

He has delivered products covering a range of subject areas, including mobile search, natural language analytics, military tactical information awareness, social media, transportation simulation systems and data visualization.  Santanu is a graduate of McGill University (B.Eng. 1997) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.Sc. 1999).  In his spare time, he can be found on the pickup soccer fields, bike trails, hiking paths, and lately, in his backyard trying his hand at agriculture in the desert Southwest.

Brian Ledbetter, Director of Product Engineering

Brian Ledbetter directs research for new products, product enhancements, and product design.   Prior to TruMedia, Brian has worked as a software engineer for a variety of companies including  Jive Software, ATERRASYS, RAMP, and GulfStream Media / StarBak.   He brings with him a wealth of knowledge with over a decade of experience implementing and designing software products for startups and large organizations.  His expertise includes UI/UX design, all things web development, mobile development, computer graphics, and streaming video.  Additionally Brian is an avid fan and participant in a variety of sports including soccer, football, basketball, skiing, windsurfing, cycling, and kayaking.

Albert Larcada, Director of Analytics

Albert directs TruMedia's sports analytics efforts for all sports, while also managing TruMedia's soccer products.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Statistical Computing from the University of Central Florida, Albert moved to Bristol, CT to join ESPN’s Stats & Information group. Less than a year later he was selected as a founding member of ESPN's Production Analytics team. In three years with Production Analytics he helped create ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating (QBR), the Basketball Power Index (BPI), along with several other analytical metrics and tools that enhance ESPN's storytelling toolbox.

He also researched and wrote extensively on European and American soccer for and ESPN the Magazine while managing ESPN’s Soccer Power Index (SPI) – originally developed by creator and Editor-in-Chief Nate Silver.

Albert is also currently an adjunct instructor at Quinnipiac University, teaching a course on sports analytics to graduate sports journalism students on how to better use statistics, analytics, and data visualization in their work. He is based in Miami, FL where he lives with his wife Bridgette and two daughters.