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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

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With 12 NFL as clients in 2019, TruMedia's football analytics platform merges multiple data and video sources along with player tracking data into a powerful front-end and back-end solution. New models and metrics built on top of the player tracking data are available on the UI, as well as through an API service to power internal applications.

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NFL Core

TruMedia's NFL Core platform provides teams and media (including ESPN) with the best enterprise solution for querying, filtering, and visualizing NFL play-by-play information. The product contains fully filterable game, team and player pages, plus league-wide sortables comparing teams and players across seasons.

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NFL Advanced Analytics

This platform merges play-by-play, video and third-party data with player tracking data - creating a best-in-class tool for pro scouting, in-game strategy and player acquisition. The platform gives NFL teams the ability to find unique and differentiating information on opponents through TruMedia's proprietary tracking data models, and also helps teams automate and improve processes using tracking data.

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In addition to the front-end UI platforms, TruMedia provides an API service to address the needs of clubs needing to merge multiple datasets together (including player tracking data) into one feed. All of TruMedia's tagging and advanced modeling of player tracking data is included in this service - along with the other play-by-play and popular third-party data providers used by teams and media.