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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

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TruMedia partners with OptaPro on an innovative cricket product, ProVision Cricket, bringing the best of each company's strengths together to give the teams and media the most powerful built to date. With the same interface utilized by dozens of MLB, NFL and soccer clubs around the world - cricket teams now have access to same features and functionalities used at the highest levels in other sports.

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Stats, Filters and Qualifiers

The core ProVision platform provides teams and media with the best enterprise solution for querying, filtering, visualizing cricket ball-by-ball data - all linked to video. The product contains fully filterable game, team and player pages - as well as league-wide sortables comparing teams and players across competitions.

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Unique and differentiating visualizations - all tied to video - that help clubs uncover trends in opponents and gives media new ways to tell stories.