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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

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Through a partnership with OptaPro, TruMedia provides the most powerful soccer analytics platform available to teams and media - ProVision. Using Opta's x/y event level data, along with video integration, ProVision is the industry-leading tool used by over 50 clubs and federations in over a dozen countries. For more, see OptaPro's press release.

TruMedia's soccer analytics platform also provides comprehensive analysis on nearly 200 competitions across the world for media partners. This robust tool includes real time data analysis along with proprietary data visualization apps and metrics for use in TV, digital, and print platforms.


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Dozens of soccer-specific and non soccer-specific visuals to help clients find useful stats and trends within the data.

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Pre- and Post-Match Analysis

Fully customizable pre-match and post-match reports tailored to the individual needs of the club.

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Possessions And Sequences

Integration with Opta's possession and sequence feed, opening up new ways to do analysis on related events.

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Custom Reports And Stats

TruMedia's innovative custom reports feature allows clients to create their own specific experience on the platform. Individual users can build proprietary stats for themselves within the tool - arranging, visualizing, and sharing the results (with video) to others within their organization to help with recruitment and scouting.