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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

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TruMedia Networks Partners with Sportvision

Rafe Anderson

Sportvision Partners with TruMedia Networks to Deliver MiLB Analytics to MLB Clubs in 2012 
Minor League Analytics Platform to Include Integrated Pitch by Pitch Video Analysis 


CHICAGO, Ill., November 29,  2011 – Sportvision, the leading innovator of digital sports content, broadcast enhancements & motion tracking data aggregation, and TruMedia Networks, a fast growing sports analytics technology firm, today announced a joint partnership that will result in the creation of a tier one minor league baseball analytics platform. As the demand for player statistical data grows, this unique partnership will leverage Sportvision’s industry leading motion tracking systems and TruMedia’s innovative video clipping and analytics solutions. 

Sportvision's baseball product suite provides the most influential and talked about data in the market. The Company’s PITCHf/x™ pitch tracking system, which is operational at every MLB stadium and 19 minor league stadiums, tracks every pitch thrown in MLB play at approximately 60 points from the time it leaves the pitcher's hand until it crosses home plate. Their ground-breaking technology records and reports pertinent aspects of the pitcher batter matchup, including speed, break, location, pitch type and trajectory, in real-time and with incredible accuracy.

Sportvision continues to influence the way executives, analysts, scouts, physicists, fantasy players, etc., involved in all levels of baseball view and analyze the game, as the Company's innovative technologies (PITCHf/x™, HITf/x™, FIELDf/x™ and COMMANDf/x™) are designed to capture and deliver pitching, batting and fielding performance data never before available.

“Sportvision’s suite of motion tracking innovations have changed the way sports teams and media properties approach sports analytics,” said Rafe Anderson, TruMedia Networks CEO.  “Together with Sportvision we look forward to delivering a solution that enables MLB clubs to quickly assess player performance, strengths, weaknesses and tendencies.”

TruMedia Networks has successfully developed a suite of innovative sports analytics solutions that include proprietary visualization tools as well as integrated pitch by pitch video solutions. TruMedia’s proprietary heat mapping solutions are used by some of the world’s top sports media properties in broadcast, print and on the web. In addition to licensing enterprise analytics solutions to pro sports teams and sports media properties, TruMedia powers a turnkey analytics solution targeting the amateur market, resulting in an analytics offering that will serve coaches, managers and players from little league to pro ball.

“Our sophisticated data capture systems enable MLB executives, baseball analysts, scouts, coaches, and others to more effectively evaluate player performance,” said Ryan Zander, General Manager Baseball, Sportvision, Inc. “This partnership with TruMedia adds a new dynamic by offering an analytics platform, for all minor league installations, delivering a turnkey solution that quantifies the data and truly makes sense of key data sets.”

Sportvision, Inc. is the premiere sports data company, adding entertainment and insight for fans by collecting a full digital record of events and creating compelling products for delivery across multiple media platforms.  A privately held corporation, Sportvision solutions have enhanced experiences for fans and marketing partners of the NFL, MLB, The Olympic Games, NASCAR, NHL, NBA, PGA TOUR, NCAA, MLS, NTRA and other sporting events across live television, the internet, and mobile devices.  The Company has won nine Emmy Awards for its products, including three for their signature broadcast enhancements, the virtual Yellow 1st & Ten® line and K Zone™, and three for its pioneering advanced media work with NASCAR. Sportvision can be found on the web at

TruMedia Networks 
TruMedia Networks develops sports analytics solutions.  TruMedia’s premium baseball analytics platform provides Major League Baseball clubs as well as sports media properties with the ability to conduct granular analysis associated with integrated pitch-by-pitch video. TruMedia's Open API provides its partners with maximum confidentiality and unlimited customization. Visit for more information.