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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

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Detroit Tigers Sign Long Term Licensing Agreement with TruMedia Networks

Rafe Anderson

Detroit Tigers Sign Long Term Licensing
Agreement with TruMedia Networks

Tigers to Capitalize on TruMedia’s Full Suite of Baseball Software and Services

San Diego, CA, December 8, 2014 – Today at Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings, TruMedia Networks, an industry leading sports analytics firm, and the Detroit Tigers announced that they have signed a long term software licensing agreement. As a result of this agreement, the Tigers will have access to TruMedia’s cloud based analytics platform, a custom developed MLB scouting platform and a variety of proprietary videos solutions.

“Advance analysis and scouting are essential components to the overall success of our organization and we are thrilled to be working with a company that meets the needs of our entire baseball operations department,” said Mike Smith, Detroit Tigers Director of Baseball Operations. “TruMedia understands the game and from our perspective, their software is the best in the industry. Equally important, TruMedia has demonstrated their commitment to providing responsive support.”

TruMedia Networks has developed a robust suite of sports analytics solutions with a focus on next generation sports data. TruMedia’s product suite includes a customizable scouting platform, a data source agnostic analytics platform and a series of fully integrated video solutions.  In addition to working directly with professional sports teams, TruMedia’s analytics solutions are also licensed by some of the world’s top sports media properties.

“Over the past year we have dedicated our resources to the development of a proprietary scouting platform as well as an advanced sports data warehousing platform that capitalizes on the power of next generation sports data. We’re very excited to have an opportunity to support the Tigers with our full suite of products and services,” said Rafe Anderson, TruMedia Networks CEO, “The Tigers operations department is tireless in their pursuit of technology and data that can give them an edge. We feel very fortunate to be serving the needs of the Tigers baseball operations team on every level.”

About TruMedia Networks
TruMedia Networks develops enterprise sports analytics solutions.  TruMedia’s premium baseball analytics platform provides Major League Baseball clubs as well as sports media properties with the ability to conduct granular analysis with fully integrated pitch-by-pitch video. In addition to baseball, TruMedia licenses software to NFL teams as well as Soccer clubs (domestic and international).

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