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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

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Carr profiled by hometown paper

Rafe Anderson

TruMedia Networks’ Paul Carr was profiled in The Topeka Capital-Journal:

“A product Carr used extensively in his work with ESPN ultimately provided an opportunity to continue in sports research, but to work from the home base of his choosing. A web-engineering firm called TruMedia turns mountains of sports statistics and data into user-friendly products, to be used by both media and professional sports teams.”

Full article: The Topeka Capital-Journal

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Tony Khan, Shad's son, using passion for analytics, football to help build Jaguars

Rafe Anderson

Urged by his friends, Tony Khan appeared on a hometown radio station to provide analysis and a prediction on the 1997 Super Bowl. He was in the eighth grade.

Filling in for a mentor who was home with the flu, Khan coached the University of Illinois Laboratory School to a 62-20 win over Buckley Christ Lutheran.

He was a high school senior.

And, trusted by his father to carry out an ambitious plan to utilize statistics to aid in building a franchise that has sunk to the bottom of the NFL, Khan joined the Jaguars in July 2012.

He was 29 years old.

Source: The Florida Times-Union

TruMedia partners with Harvard Sports Analysis Collective

Rafe Anderson

TruMedia Networks, an industry-leading sports analytics firm, has announced a partnership with the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective (HSAC). HSAC is a group of analytically minded students with the skills and desire necessary to capitalize on "big data" in sports. Many of HSAC's members have direct experience putting these talents to work for both professional teams and media properties. As a result of this partnership, TruMedia's clients will have access to HSAC's talented team of sports analysts utilizing TruMedia's full suite of analytics tools. TruMedia and HSAC will support partners with granular analytics research services for both short term and long term projects.