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TruMedia Networks is a software engineering firm focused on powering sports analytics platforms.

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Rafe Anderson

BOSTON, MA, April 4, 2017 - TruMedia Networks, an industry leading sports analytics firm, announced today the winners of their second annual Baseball Hackathon. This year’s hackathon showcased the work of engineers and analysts leveraging raw MLB data. With a panel of judges ranging from General Managers to an entire MLB Research and Development teams, TruMedia provided participants with an opportunity to showcase their work for those who are using this data to gain a competitive advantage on a daily basis.

The 2017 Baseball Hackathon winners were Kyle Burris (Analyst) and Steve Milburn (Engineer). Mr. Burris examined the proposed rule change which would raise the strike zone and how it would impact pitchers and hitters (for better or worse). To win the engineering category, Mr. Milburn created an application that identified a pitcher’s patterns, tendencies, and head-to-head matchups.

"We were thrilled to participate in the 2017 TruMedia Baseball Hackathon for a second straight year," said Mike Chernoff, Cleveland Indians General Manager. "TruMedia's Hackathon provides us with the opportunity to engage analysts and engineers who aspire to apply their skills to next generation baseball data. As an organization focused on advanced analytics we truly value the unique perspective and approach taken by each Hackathon participant."

"We really enjoyed supporting the efforts of analysts and engineers that were eager to apply their skills to their passion for baseball, " said Rafe Anderson, TruMedia Networks CEO. "The participants in this year's hackathon were excellent and once again we were honored to have an exceptional panel that included baseball operations executives from over thirteen Major League Baseball Clubs."

The 2017 Hackathon Panel:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers Research & Development Team

  • San Francisco Giants Baseball Operations Team

  • Sky Andrecheck, Cleveland Indians (Senior Director, Baseball Research & Development)

  • TJ Barra, New York Mets (Manager, Baseball Research & Development)

  • Mike Fitzgerald, Arizona Diamondbacks (Director, Research & Development)

  • Jack Goin, Minnesota Twins (Director, Baseball Research)

  • Sam Menzin,  Detroit Tigers (Director, Baseball Operations)

  • Chris Moore (Director, Research & Development) & Ryan Kruse (Baseball Systems Architect), Chicago Cubs

  • Jason Pare, Miami Marlins (Senior Director, Analytics)

  • Trevor Patch, Colorado Rockies (Manager, Baseball Research & Development)

  • Joe Sheehan, Toronto Blue Jays (Assistant GM)

  • Todd Slavinsky, Texas Rangers (Director, Baseball Analytics)

  • Dan Turkenkopf, Milwaukee Brewers (Director, Research & Development)

To find out more about the Hackathon and the projects in this year’s contest visit for details.

About TruMedia Networks
TruMedia Networks develops enterprise sports analytics solutions.  TruMedia’s premium baseball analytics platform provides Major League Baseball clubs as well as sports media properties with the ability to conduct granular analysis with fully integrated pitch-by-pitch video. In addition to baseball, TruMedia licenses software to NFL teams as well as Soccer clubs (domestic and international).