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Trout's season compares to Babe Ruth

Rafe Anderson

The Washington Post's Neil Greenberg uses TruMedia's baseball platform as he says Mike Trout's season is comparable to Ruth, Mays, Williams and Mantle.

"Trout has always been productive at the plate — his career OPS heading into this season was .976 — but improved plate discipline has helped him find another level of efficiency. He is chasing a career-low 18 percent of pitches out of the strike zone while making contact on a career-high 90 percent of pitches in the strike zone. ...

Trout mashes off-speed pitches, too. According to data from TruMedia, he is hitting .414 with a 1.554 OPS against change-ups and splitters with five of his 23 home runs coming off those offerings. Curveballs have been an issue in terms of power, but that, too, is relative. His .600 slugging percentage against that pitch is strong despite having just one home run against curves this year."

Full article: Washington Post